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The well known strategy of "buy in weak market, sell in strong market" has been the company's sale and purchase strategy through the years

The S & P dept. is in close cooperation with the chartering dept. these two departments are joined together. This provides useful information about what income can be forecasted from a prospective vessel to buy, when is the right time to proceed and what kind of short or long employment can be found for the vessel.

Having good long lasting relationships with major broking houses helps in order to identify serious sellers, private ships for sale, participating in auctions and having accurate data about previous sales, bidding levels, constructing projects involving purchase with employment etc.

The S & P dept. has communication with over 100 sale and purchase brokers based in the UK, USA, France, Greece, Italy, Monaco, Brazil, Korea, Japan, China, Denmark, Singapore and others.

The company's S & P dept. has unquantifiable experience in dealing with all kinds of buyers and sellers, placing n/b contracts, selling for demolition, making projects and using other tools like leasing, bareboat hire purchase etc.

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